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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you buy my violin or viola?

Potentially, yes. With instruments flooding in and out of our shop, we are always on the look out for something. However, we aren't just looking for anything and everything. If you wish to discuss selling your instrument to us, let us know details via the contact page or send us an email. 

NOTE: We suggest doing this before bringing your instrument into the shop. This way we can keep you from making a trip to the shop just incase we aren't in need of your instrument at the time.

I found a violin in my garage that has a strad label, is it worth a million dollars?

Don't worry, it's a common question. Odds are you didn't win the lottery with this one but we welcome you to bring it in and let us give it a second look.

What rental sizes do you have for violin/viola?

Violin: 1/32 to 4/4    Viola: 12" to 16" Cello: 1/8 to 4/4

Do you have a suggested string set for my violin?

Yes, in the shop we string Helicore heavy with a Larsen Tzigane E on all of our finest instruments.

How long will it take to re-hair my bow?

Our turn around time for a bow re-hair is something we are proud of. Depending on the situation our turn around time can be anywhere from 1 to 4 days.  If you need your bow re-haired quickly, it's always best to call and make an appointment.

Something is wrong with my instrument and I need it for a show tomorrow, can you help me?

Sometimes, yes! We have people bring their fiddle in for a quick fix all the time. However, without seeing the instrument and the nature of the problem, it's hard to be sure.